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MTrading Anniversary Lucky Draw

  1. The MTrading 10th Year Clients Appreciation Campaign is a promotional campaign organised by MTrading (ServiceComsvg LLC).
  2. The campaign is offered to the residents of Malaysia.
  3. This campaign will run from the 17th of October, 2022 until the 17th of December, 2022.
  4. The campaign is for MTrading Clients only.
  5. The winners will be determined by the lucky draw during a live broadcast in Facebook (local MTrading Page) in the month of December.
  6. Minimum required deposit to qualify for 1 Lucky Draw Ticket (LDT) is 200 USD.
  7. Client must perform at least one trading activity (trade 0.01 in a single transaction, also 0.1 lot throughout the duration of the campaign 17th October 2022 - 17 December 2022)
  8. The promotional campaign is valid for M.PREMIUM and M.PRO accounts.
  9. The eligible winner of the gold-related prizes (Poh Kong 1G Gold and Habib 0.2 Gold Wafer) can choose either a Cash Reward or a Gift Reward. In case the winner decides to choose the Cash Reward, it will be credited to her/his MT account.
  10. The Rewards are considered as an EXTRA, and will not impact Revenue Share commissions.
  11. Prize winners agree to participate in the campaign-related publicity and marketing activities organised by MTrading, including interviews, photos, and public announcements through various media channels. In such cases, MTrading agrees not to disclose the winner’s personal information (such as the name, the last name and contact info) without the winners’ prior consent.
Place Reward $ Cash Equivalent
1 iPhone 14 RM6,699 (Estimated Pricing, Subject to Change)
2 Apple Watch 7 RM1,800
3 Poh Kong 999 24K Gold 1g x 3 RM428 each, RM1,284 for all
4 IKEA Voucher (value RM200) x 5 RM200 each, RM1000 for all
5 Habib 999 Gold Wafer Coin 0.2g x 10 RM135 each, RM1350 for all
6 Uniqlo Voucher (value RM100) x 5 RM100 each, RM500 for all
7 MTrading Merchandise (T-Shirt and Exclusive MTrading Limited RM100 each, RM1000 for all