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"Deposit Reward" Terms & Conditions


The Deposit Reward is a time-unlimited campaign allowing IBs to increase their commission amount and earn an additional reward. As far as a client registers as an IB in the Dynamic IB system, he joins the Deposit Reward program automatically.

To be able to withdraw Deposit Reward for the month an IB should meet the trading volume requirement during the current calendar month. The Deposit Reward Status Bar presented in the Partner Room helps to track the current Net Deposit, Deposit Reward and the remaining number of lots to trade. If the requirements are not met, the Deposit Reward is paid according to the current volume made by the partner's clients. Please see the detailed terms below.

General terms

1 The Deposit Reward is offered by Finvest Solutions Limited (the Company) to its Partners under the followingTerms.

2 By applying for the Deposit Reward, the Client acknowledges that he or she has read and agreed to be bound by the Deposit Reward Terms and Conditions as well as the Company Terms and Conditions.

3 The Deposit Reward is applicable to partners on the Dynamic IB model only.

4 The Deposit Reward provides an additional reward to the current commission of a partner.

5 The Deposit Reward is paid automatically on the 1st day of the month and can be withdrawn as the main partner commission from spread without any extra conditions.

How the Deposit Reward is calculated

1 Each customer profile registered in the Dynamic IB System on the Company website is automatically taking part in the Deposit Reward Campaign.

2 Maximum Deposit Reward amount is calculated with the formula: Net Deposit * Deposit Reward rate

3 The percentage rate of Deposit Reward (Deposit Reward rate) for the month is based on the level of IB in the Dynamic system during the current month:- 0% for Family level
- 1% for Silver level
- 3% for Gold level
- 5% for Platinum level
- 10% for Diamond level

4 The Deposit reward amount to be paid is calculated for each partner’s client separately based on the IB level in the Dynamic system, Net Deposit and volume made by each client with the formula: Volume * Volume rate. Volume rate is based on the IB level in the Dynamic system during the current month and showing how much reward IB could get per each lot made by client :- $0 per each lot for Family level
- $3 per each lot for Silver level
- $4 per each lot for Gold level
- $5 per each lot for Platinum level
- $6 per each lot for Diamond level

Partnership level Active clients Revenue Share Deposit Reward rate Volume rate $/lot
Family 0-5 20% 0% 0
Silver 6-10 30% 1% 3
Gold 11-20 40% 3% 4
Platinum 21-50 50% 5% 5
Diamond 51+ 60% 10% 6

5 In case Deposit Reward to be paid exceeds the Maximum Deposit Reward, IB is paid the amount equal to Maximum Deposit Reward otherwise IB is paid Deposit Reward calculated with current clients’ volume as on point 4.


In March IB is on Silver level with net deposit of $15,000 and clients of IB made 97 lots

Volume rate is $3 per lot for Silver level

Deposit Reward rate is 1% for Silver level

client 1 made Net Deposit $4000 and volume 20 lots
client 2 made Net Deposit $3500 and volume 10 lots
client 3 made Net Deposit $2500 and volume 30 lots
client 4 made Net Deposit $1500 and volume 10 lots
client 5 made Net Deposit $2000 and volume 15 lots
client 6 made Net Deposit $1500 and volume 12 lots

Total Maximum Deposit Reward for March to be paid on 1st of April:

client 1: $4,000 * 1% = $40
client 2: $3,500 * 1% = $35
client 3: $2,500 * 1% = $25
client 4: $1,500 * 1% = $15
client 5: $2,000 * 1% = $20
client 6: $1,500 * 1% = $15

Total= $40 + $35 + $25 +$15 + $20 +$15= $150

Deposit Reward to be paid for March on the 1st of April:

client 1: 20*$3 = $60
$60 > $40. To be paid $40
client 2: 10*$3 = $30
$35 < $30. To be paid $30
client 3: 30*$3 = $90
$90 > $25. To be paid $25
client 4: 10*$3 = $30
$30 > $15. To be paid $15
client 5: 15*$3 = $45
$45 > $20. To be paid $20
client 6: 12*$3 = $36
$36 > $15. To be paid $15

partners - reward - example - 6

$40 + $30 + $25 + $15 + $20 + $15 = $145


1 At all times, Finvest Solutions Limited reserves the right to amend, change or cancel this Campaign without any prior notice to current or prospective Campaign participants.

2 If the Company suspects that a Campaign participant has abused or attempted to abuse a Campaign or otherwise acted with a lack of good faith towards MTrading, MTrading reserves the right to deny, withhold, cancel or withdraw from that participant the Deposit Reward, and, if necessary, to cancel any terms and conditions of this Campaign and client agreement with respect to that Campaign participant, either temporarily or permanently, or to terminate that participant`s access to the services and/or block that participant`s account(s).

3 The Deposit Reward funds are considered to be the property of the Company until the client reaches the required trading volume.

4 In case of any ambiguity or conflict or inconsistency between different translations of these Terms, the English version shall prevail.

5 In case of additional questions related to the Promotion, Participants may contact MTrading at support@mtrading.com or contact their personal account manager.