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"Trade and Win a Dream Vacation" Terms & Conditions

1. Participation:

  1. Promotion period: August 15, 2022 – October 31, 2022 (at 23:59 GMT+7)
  2. Eligible Participant: All MTrading’s Clients
  3. Account types: M.Premium | M.Pro | M.Cent | Copy Trade
  4. Verification status: Verified
  5. Maximum account: 1 Trader room/person
  6. Number of participants: Unlimited
  7. New depositing amount: $500 (during the promotion period)
  8. Country: Thailand

2. How to participate

Trade any instrument on M.Premium, M.Pro, M.Cent or Copy Trade account from any trading account under your Trader’s Room (clients are allowed to trade from different trading accounts)

Meet the criteria of Total Trading Volume during the promotion period to receive Ticket or lucky draw ticket to get a prize. Each 0.1 lot traded will be automatically transformed into a lucky draw ticket in our system, which will randomly select the winners (every 0.1 Lot gets 1 Ticket, calculated as in the table below):

Trading volume (Lots) Lucky draw ticket (Ticket)
0.1 lot 1
1 lot 10
10 lot 100
100 lots 1 000

*number of trading lots less than 0.1 can be accumulated to get the ticket

Number of tickets per client: Unlimited

Clients can collect tickets and use in every round of lucky draw during the promotion

3. Prize and Winner Announcement

There will be 5 rounds of lucky draw with prizes each round shown in the table below:

Round Winner Announcement date Prize Number of prizes
1 Aug 29, 2022 200 USD // Domestic hotel (Central/East) 1
2 Sep 12, 2022 200 USD // Domestic hotel (North/West) 1
3 Sep 26, 2022 200 USD // Domestic hotel (Kanchanaburi) 1
4 Oct 10, 2022 400 USD // Domestic hotel (South) 1
4 Oct 31, 2022 2,500 USD // Trip to Europe (1 Pax for 3 Countries - Switzerland, Italy and France) 1

*Table 3.1 “rounds of lucky draw and prizes”

The winners will be determined by the lucky draws every round | every 2 weeks. Clients can watch the video of lucky draws in this folder after announcement.

Round 1 - 4:

  • Eligible Participant: Every participant that receives tickets
  • Every participant can win only 1 prize during round 1-4.
  • Every winner is able to waive the prize in order to join draws in other rounds.
  • Every winner that accepts the prize is not able to join other rounds, except final round (round 5)

Round 5:

  • Eligible Participant: Every participant who receives tickets from round 1 - 4

All prize is non-exchangable for cash

4. Announcement and Awarding

  1. Awarding: MTrading team will contact the winner to inform the details of awarding within 30 days
  2. Participants can update their rank and winner announcement by 4 channels below:

5. General Terms

Trading volume opened during the promotion period will be eligible for calculation.

The position that will be calculated for trading lot must be at least 3 pips between opening and closing.

The amount of trading lots that is generated from the hedging order (±30% Volume from the first order). MTrading will use the following criteria:

  • If the 2nd order (in the opposite direction to the first order) was opened after the first order has been opened after 15 mins, traded lots from both positions will be calculated.
  • If the 2nd order (in the opposite direction to the first order) was opened after the first order within 15 mins, only traded lots from the larger position will be calculated.

6. Reservation of rights and disqualifications

MTrading reserves the right to decline a client's participation in the campaign for multiple requests from the same IP address.

If MTrading suspects a client is violating or attempting to violate the conditions of the promotional campaign, or of acting in bad faith towards the Company in any other way, MTrading reserves the right to decline client’s participation in the campaign, suspend or terminate it and as circumstances may require (temporarily or permanently) block client’s account.

MTrading reserves the right to change or cancel any of the promotional campaign conditions fully or partly or put their actions to an end anytime with no prior notification in accordance with the Company’s unilateral provisions.

The company reserves the right to use the client's personal information (name, photo, and video) from whom they got the prize for marketing purposes.

MTrading is not liable for technical disruptions and/or breaks in the internet connection on the side of the client and third-party services that can directly or indirectly affect the client’s participation in the promotion.

7. Risk warning

Contract for Differences (CFDs) Trading involves significant risk to your invested capital. Please read and ensure you fully understand our Risk Disclosure.