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Earn Money Online from Home with MTrading Affiliate Program

Have you decided to become an MTrading partner or only plan to make the most of our affiliate program? Congratulations! You have opted for one of the most profitable niches to earn money online from home. Financial markets have proved to be very lucrative featuring high revenues and big profits.


You may ask, "And how about the growing competition?" Well, yes, on the one hand, Forex affiliate programs meet dozens of new partners daily. On the other hand, the niche is not afraid of competition. No matter how many affiliates join IBs or partnership projects, you will still have your chance to grab a piece of a pie.

How Much Money Can I Make Online?

MTrading offers a fast and simple way to earn money online daily. The final profit will depend on various factors including the platform you use to drive traffic, the quality of traffic you bring, conversion rates, and more. What we can say for sure, is that the company has already paid more than $33 million commissions to its partners globally.

According to the latest reviews, well-recognizable Forex brokers pay about $10,000 monthly to their affiliates. Top-rated partners with the most effective approach get $100,000- dollar checks every month. Besides, users may choose from several payment options that meet their particular requirements.

The main benefit here is that you can earn money online fast free with no initial investments. All your need is to bring your traffic on. The more users will open a real account or make their first deposit, the more commissions you will get. It is that simple!

What is Forex Partnership Program?

A Forex affiliate program is a way to earn money online using various traffic channels. The idea is very simple. The concept involves three baseline parties to interact:

  1. An Advertiser – a Forex broker or the trading platform on the one side.
  2. A Product Buyer - a potential or existing trader on the other side (no matter if he or she is a beginner or pro).
  3. A Publisher - an affiliate or partner who acts as an intermediary between a product buyer and the advertiser.

An Advertiser is eager to promote the services it delivers (trading platform in particular). To drive more traffic, it provides Publishers with a special offer that includes commissions for every action made by a potential customer. As a Publisher, you only need to direct your traffic to the trading platform and get paid every time a person opens an account or makes a deposit. This is how the partnership program works. By the way, we offer several payment models to choose from.

Who are our partners? How to get paid every week? What you need to start? Find out more about our affiliate program on Partnership page of our website, or contact our support. A personal manager will reach you out soon to answer all your questions and offer the best options.

The Difference Between Affiliates and IBs

If you are new to the financial market as well as ways to make money online, the term "IB" may sound confusing. Some beginners do not understand how affiliates differ from IBs. We are here to clarify the things for you:

Who Are Forex Affiliates?

These are users who refer traders to a particular platform or brokerage website. In other words, you only need to share a referral link with potential customers and get paid for their actions. The key benefit here is that the referral process is totally automated. It does not require manual configurations, settings, or other manipulations. Besides, it does not call for special technical skills. You do not even have to understand how financial markets work.

Who Are IBs?

The abbreviation stands for Introducing Brokers. They represent another type of company's partners. They deliver real brokerage services directly to their referred traders. The concept is different from the previous one, as it is not automated and requires an in-depth understanding of the financial markets as well as real-life trading experience.

Our future partners are free to choose any concept. We offer IB accounts nominated for any currencies as well as a fully-featured affiliate program with automated commissions and daily payouts!

Steps to Become MTrading Partners

So, you made up your mind to earn money online from home without initial investments. All you need is to sign up to our affiliate program and complete several simple steps.

Step 1 – Enter Personal Data


We do not require any billing info or credit card number. All we ask is to indicate your full name, phone number, and email. This data is enough to open a new partnership account and start earning money online.

Step 2 – Confirm Your Password


Once the first step has been successfully completed, you will receive a confirmation letter. Check your email inbox and click on a button inside the letter to complete your affiliate account configurations and enter the dashboard.

Step 3 – Account Setup


At this stage, you need to select the plan type that will define the payment model. Users will have two options that include:

  • Revenue Share – you get a percentage of the referred user trading volume. The more participants you have in your affiliate network, the higher the commission.
  • "Per Lot" system means that when a Partner introduces a client to trade with MTrading, MTrading provides services to the client and the Partner receives a reward for each traded lot the client makes.

Step 4 – Choose a Level


You are almost done. The last thing is to pick a plan type depending on the commission level you expect to get. Then revise your plan configurations and confirm it if everything is correct.

How to Earn Your First Commission

Now you are ready to earn money online from home. Welcome to the MTrading affiliate program dashboard. Here you have all the necessary instruments that include a comprehensive reporting feature. You will be able to track all stats and crucial metrics. The dashboard highlights total revenues, new registrations live and demo traders, etc.

The Dashboard:


Along with the general info, you will also be able to track the exclusive affiliate code assigned to you. Here we have major partner promo tools as well. All you need is to copy the referral link and share it with potential traders via multiple channels.

Referral Link to Copy:


Additionally, we provide full access to our promo library with creative advertising materials including logos and banners of any size or format. Simply choose the one you like, download it , and place on your website, blog, webinar video, or else.

Promo Tools inside Trader's Room:


Ready to find out more? Learn more about our company or contact the support team for more information.

This material does not contain and should not be construed as containing investment advice, investment recommendations, an offer of or solicitation for any transactions in financial instruments. Before making any investment decisions, you should seek advice from independent financial advisors to ensure you understand the risks.

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