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MTrading Introduces the Best Forex Affiliate Program

Do you have a well-established online presence or trading-related platform that drives traffic? Have you managed to build a solid social media representation? Or maybe you can boast a growing and dedicated community of both amateur and experienced traders? Then MTrading top affiliate Forex program can become your ultimate tool to generate extra income and earn money online.


We offer an ideal method for everyone who works in the Forex-related niche. Either you represent a team of developers who build trading robots or you are a blog and education writer providing essential beginner tips or an owner of the website in the forex-related domain, our partnership offer will let you earn higher commissions and convert your traffic into a passive income.

What Are Forex Trading Affiliate Programs for?

They are to deliver flexible business solutions for those who want to generate more profit. We provide comprehensive resources and support brought to you by one of the most trusted and recognizable brokers. Our partnership program delivers a set of facilities and instruments that empower affiliates to earn as much as possible despite the location, nationality, or traffic sources.

At this point, we guarantee:

  • Round-the-Clock Support – it does not matter what type of affiliate model you chose. Our partners may always count on comprehensive support 24/7. Contact our specialists either you have a technical, financial or any other issue to resolve.
  • Creative Marketing Materials – we deliver marketing materials that really work. Benefit from catchy ad banners, converting landing pages, and other instruments delivered for better user acquisition and growing conversion rate.
  • High Payouts – affiliates are free to choose from two of the available payout models. No matter what you choose, we guarantee higher profits. MTrading has already paid $33.1 million to its partners. Grab your piece of a pie.
  • Passive Income – we introduce the best paying forex affiliate program that can become your major source of income. Some of our partners left full-time jobs and concentrated mainly on a partnership with MTrading. Generate revenues on the go regardless of the location!
  • Instant Withdrawing – get paid instantly using any of the available payment gateways.

Sounds too good to be true? Check out our reward and payout models to ensure their efficiency.

We offer even more, once you are ready, our business development manager will guide you through every detail you are interested in, and offer the best conditions for cooperation.

Commission Types at MTrading Top Forex Affiliate Program

With the MTrading program, partners may choose from two different payout models. They depend on the type of traffic channels and sources you use.

Revenue Share – create your own affiliate network and generate revenues every time your invitee trades and gets commissions. The more invitees you have within the network, the higher your income.

We establish a crystal clear wagering policy with no hidden fees or extra charges.

Who Can Become Our Forex Affiliate Program Partner?

Make the most of your traffic source and drive visitors to get paid instantly. Build your own affiliate network and increase revenues with every new invitee. We offer a flexible partnership solution to independent publishers, freelancers, educational organizations, and development teams.

Forex Education and Training Centers

Do you regularly hold trading seminars or webinars? Can you boast a growing community of investors and traders who visit your workshops? MTrading is ready to help and arrange topical events for 200+ visitors. Not only do we offer full sponsorship but also help our partners grow educational programs, attract new traders, and convert them into revenues.

Trading Strategy Providers

Are you an experienced trader with a full Forex strategy kit? Are you ready to share your knowledge and signals with other Forex enthusiasts? Do you have a solid social media representation? MTrading affiliate program lets you convert Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Telegram followers. Take the advantage of creative and efficient marketing materials delivered by MTrading specialists out of the box.

Trading Software Sellers and Developers

Do you have a team of trading robot developers or distributors? Are you keen on creating Forex indicators, trading algorithms, and instruments from scratch? Don't miss your chance to have your tools tested under real market conditions. We ensure a stable working environment while you get the revenue share.

Website Owners and Advertisers

Are you dealing with traffic arbitrage? Do you have a trading-related website or blog feat thousands of subscribers? Bring your traffic to the MTrading platform and get paid for every action your referring visitors make. We offer the best website monetisation model to earn passive income.

Industry-best trading conditions
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up to 200%
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Awarded Copy
Trading platform Awarded Copy
Trading platform
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Feel like you are ready to get a personal consultation? Please, fill the form at the bottom of our partnership page, and we will contact you to offer the competitive edge for your business!

Reasons to Become MTrading Partner

Apart from high payouts, instant withdrawing, and flexible affiliate instruments, we use IB Module as one of the most effective marketing tools.


It also helps your business grow together with the target audience without direct involvement. As a result, partners can benefit from:

  • Automated commission and rebate calculation;
  • IB account nomination for any currency;
  • Detailed reporting feature with reward insights;
  • Referral stats, number of subscriptions & registrations.

We have established a successful partnership with 10,000+ websites. We take pride in 83% conversion rate at one of the events. One of our sponsorship deals exceeded $10,000 per session. We have paid more than $33 million to our partners!

Ready to find out more? Learn more about our company or contact the support team for more information.

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