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Terms & Conditions of the Mid-Year fiesta campaign

  1. The MTrading Mid-Year fiesta campaign is a promotional campaign organised by MTrading (Finvest Solutions Limited - hereafter “Company”).

2. The campaign is offered to the residents of Malaysia only.

3. This campaign will run from June 28, 2023 until August 28, 2023 (hereafter - “Campaign period”).

4. The campaign is for MTrading clients only.

5. The winners will be determined by the lucky draw during a live broadcast on Facebook (a local MTrading Page) in October 2023.

6. Client must accumulate a trade equal to 0.5 lot to qualify for 1 Lucky Draw Ticket throughout the campaign period.

7. Client must accumulate at least 5 lots via trading throughout the duration of the campaign period.

8. The promotional campaign is valid for M.PREMIUM and M.PRO accounts.

9. The Rewards are considered as an EXTRA, and will not impact Revenue Share commissions.

10. The super-prize “Gold bar” value RM8.888 includes all expenses. Including gold bar purchase cost on the day of lucky draw broadcast, delivery cost and all other expenses, which might occur during the prize preparation and delivery.

11. Prize winners agree to participate in the campaign-related publicity and marketing activities organised by MTrading, including interviews, photos, and public announcements through various media channels. In such cases, MTrading agrees not to disclose the winner’s personal information (such as the name, the last name and contact info) without the winners’ prior consent.