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MTrading Team • 2022-04-05

Zero commission and 0 swap on all stock CFDs and ETFs

Zero commission and 0 swap on all stock CFDs and ETFs

Dear MTraders, 

We are happy to present to you the updated line of stock CFDs and ETFs. We have CANCELLED THE COMMISSION AND SWAPS for all stock CFDs and ETFs for M.Premium account, and added 30+ NEW INSTRUMENTS to the list. Baidu, Spotify, NVIDIA, PayPal, Uber, eBay, Coinbase, Zoom, Ferrari and many other stock CFDs are available for trading with ZERO swap and commission, along with the following ETFs: ETFMG Alternative Harvest (Global Cannabis), Invesco Solar (Global Renewable Energy), and more.

In order to support the growing popularity and offer the most favorable trading conditions to traders, we have decided to implement the best terms for trading CFDs and ETFs.

  • Most popular stock CFDs number increased to 87;
  • 10 trendy ETFs are added to the list including EWJ, EWM, IBB, ILF, IND, IXJ, MCHI, MJ, TAN, CTEC (EU);
  • The commission for trading stock CFDs and ETFs is cut to ZERO;
  • Swaps for stock CFDs and ETFs are CANCELLED along with overnight fees for swap free accounts.

Why trade stock CFDs and ETFs?

ETFs and stock CFDs are some of the most commonly traded items at the financial markets. Providing easy access to the stock market, CFDs allow customers to benefit from the price movement of different stocks without the actual ownership, and leverage helps to use a smaller margin. ETFs, on the other hand, are better-suited for holding long-term positions. 

CFDs vs ETFs

Choosing between these two types of instruments, a trader has to decide what risk-reward level is acceptable. CFDs is a more risky financial product, but can offer a higher reward potential, whereas ETFs potential gains are usually smaller but more stable.

To trade CFDs on stocks and ETFs with the best market conditions, open an M.Premium account in a few clicks and get it verified in seconds!

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We will continue to improve our trading conditions for other types of financial instruments, as well as our financial services and products in order to ensure your best trading experience with us.

May the trading luck be with you!