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Denis Sergienko • 2022-10-19

Youngsters Are 7X More Encouraged to Buy Crypto

Youngsters Are 7X More Encouraged to Buy Crypto

Youngsters are more inspired by cryptocurrency. According to the recent reviews conducted by the Bank of America, they are 7x times more likely to purchase coins than adults. So, age appears to be the dominating and driving force in the field of crypto investments.

Crypto Investors Over 21

The survey involved young investors who have more than $3 million in crypto assets. They are more eager to buy coins despite the fact that the crypto market has been in stagnation for some time featuring BTC traded at $19,500 on average.

Responders were not necessarily customers of Bank of America. At the same time, they represented a so-called high-net-worth part of the population with enough funds to invest and make money work. These particular individuals show low respect and level of trust to traditional stocks, especially at the times of the stock market uncertainty.

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They look for some more flexible and risk-free alternatives. The emerging crypto market looks like a good option. At least, this is how respondents think.

Crypto Trading a – A New Opportunity

The study shows that youngsters consider crypto to be a trendier and more reliable asset, while the cryptocurrency market delivers more investment opportunities. Only 7% of respondents from the older group agreed with the statement.

However, crypto is not the only interest for younger investors. They also appreciate other assets such as ESG-related instruments, social and governance investment products, etc.

We actually see age becoming the dominating trend that determines investment interests. It may result in a generation gap. Adult individuals cannot efficiently track emerging technologies like blockchain.

Oppositely, younger traders constantly explore new markets and financial opportunities. They have enough cash to invest and more and more coins to buy. The key to success is to stay with the trend and opt for the trendiest and most advanced assets that can easily adapt to changing market conditions.