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MTrading Team • 2022-03-01

Stock market reaction to the Russia-Ukraine ceasefire talks fail

Stock market reaction to the Russia-Ukraine ceasefire talks fail

The long-awaited Russia-Ukraine ceasefire talks didn’t meet the world’s expectations to stop the conflict. As the West has progressively been imposing sanctions against Russia and the country is about to be banned from SWIFT, the European markets keep reacting with continuous changes. Still, the investors’ spirits got brighter as the Chinese factory surveys showed ongoing growth in both official and private sectors.

  • The USD is strengthening. The US Dollar Index showing the USD position against six other currencies got 0.1% higher at 96.740.
  • The YEN and the SWISS franc rolled back after their biggest seven-week rallies.
  • The OIL prices keep getting higher. Brent Oil is regaining its last-week $105.79 high rising by 2.1% to 99.98.
  • The GOLD prices got 0.5% up to 1,909.20.
  • The DAX prices got 0.8% higher to 14,025.43.
  • The FTSE 100 index prices got 0.4% lower to 7,342.55.

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