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MTrading Team • 2022-03-09

Brand new Trader’s Room for flawless trading

Brand new Trader’s Room for flawless trading

Dear MTraders,

We would like to welcome you to the brand new Trader’s Room. The frequently used actions are under your full control. Easy deposits and withdrawals, simplified account management, including investing ones, instant IB reports, and full access to all the necessary personal trading data are at hand now.

Brand new dashboard

Dashboard is the area where the info about all your active accounts is stored. Overview and manage your deposits, withdrawals, recent transactions, opened accounts and bonus statuses easily.

For example, you will be able to cancel and reclaim your 200% Deposit Bonus any time in a couple of clicks!

A wallet added


This add-on enables you to keep your money aside from Live accounts balance, which minimises stop out risks; you can also use your Wallet for currency exchange operations and for distributing funds between your live accounts; The Wallet makes your life as our IB partner much easier, because all your IB rewards will be sent DIRECTLY TO THE WALLET, and you’ll be able to withdraw the rewards right from it at any moment.

New deposit section


In the updated deposit section you will be able to see the MOST POPULAR PAYMENT SYSTEMS in your region on top of the list and deposit money either to your Wallet or to any of your live accounts; an icon of each payment system will now display the min. and max. deposit amount for your convenience.

New withdrawal section


The withdrawal preview step is about to be added to help you VERIFY WITHDRAWAL INFORMATION before sending out your final request.

That’s only the first part of the massive updates planned for this spring. Stay tuned and enjoy your trading with a brand-new Trader's Room.

May the trading luck be with you!