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Best Broker Affiliate and Partnership Opportunities for Introducing Brokers

With MTrading, every user has a chance to join advanced broker affiliate programs and build a multi-level partnership network as an IB. It makes it possible to grow the community of affiliated clients and gain evolving commissions for every active trade within the network.


Becoming an Introducing Broker (IB) is a great chance to establish a stable and passive income as well as get paid on a daily basis.

What Is IB and How Does It Differ from Broker Affiliate?

An Introducing Broker is not just an affiliate who can only share a referral link and gain commissions. An IB is a platform’s self-sufficient partner who provides brokerage services directly to the referred followers who then perform active trades.

Steps to become an IB and start earning with the MTrading partnership program:

  1. Open and confirm a partnership account.
  2. Configure the account and select a preferable reward model and level.
  3. Create a community of referred traders and get paid every time they perform a trade.

The platform provides you with all partnership tools you may need including referral links, ad materials (logos and banners of needed size), tracking instruments to monitor stats and insights, and other promo solutions.

How Much Can a Master IB Earn?

Once you have opened a partnership account, you can become a Master IB as well as grow the network of sub-IBs (referred traders). They actually form a multi-level community that lets you gain higher commissions. The bigger fellowship you can form, the higher commission you can get depending on the reward mode.

First of all, you need to choose a reward model. The are generally the same as in major Forex broker affiliate programs with some slight differences:

  • Revenue Share – the more active traders you have the higher is your commission.
  • Pay Per Lot – a model where an IB earns for every lot traded by a referred user.

Example: Create a community of 11-21 active gold traders (the most popular instrument among MTrading users) and make up to $800 or 60% Revenue Share commission.

Industry-best trading conditions
Deposit bonus
up to 200% Deposit bonus 
up to 200%
from 0 pips Spreads 
from 0 pips
Awarded Copy
Trading platform Awarded Copy
Trading platform
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Reasons to Become an IB

As a Master IB, you not just get a full promo toolkit and flexible reward options but also a set of additional perks delivered out of the box.

Instant payouts. MTrading guarantees weekly and daily payouts depending on the reward model, level, and account specifications.

Deposits in Cryptocurrency. For enhanced flexibility, MTrading has added extra depositing options that involve BTC and USDT.

Fast user validation. The platform uses Get ID functionality to register and verify a new sub-IB who can start trading a few minutes after signing in.

Multilingual support. All IBs can benefit from cross-country support featuring fast ticket processing or direct issue resolution in real-time.

The company has already paid $36+ million in commission to its partners.

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