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5 Main Benefits of Becoming an Introducing Broker

Becoming an introducing broker means helping other forex traders by sharing your knowledge and skills. This particular way of assistance and expertise sharing will help you build wealth for yourself as a Forex IB.


Let’s say, you run a website, an investing-related blog, or a YouTube channel. You have a growing fan base and other users are eager to follow you on their way to the financial market. In this situation, bringing that traffic to an IB trading platform will be the best solution.

While Forex trading is yet one of the most promising and lucrative sectors, the revenue potential is extremely high. At the same time, the Forex broker partnership is your chance to double or even triple it. In this article, we will pinpoint the 5 main benefits of joining the Forex IB program.

Reasons to Become an Introducing Broker

Most newbies find it hard to enter the world of online trading. Most beginner investors do not have enough skills or understanding of how the market works. This is where you can share your expertise to let them pick up some skills and enter the trade, while you will get paid for your followers’ actions depending on a chosen reward model.

Apart from obvious revenue perspectives, becoming a Forex IB also brings the following advantages.

1. Scale and Grow Entrepreneurial Prospects

Forex trading is now the financial mainstream. It has grown into a global trend that attracts not only skillful investors but also beginners with no or little knowledge about the financial market. As an expert, an introducing broker gets a chance to achieve financial freedom and establish a prosperous career.

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That is why many experts choose to become trading entrepreneurs. It means not just being an investor but to provide peer-to-peer assistance for beginners. Unlike affiliate marketers who simply advertise specific features and services, a Forex IB interacts directly with the fan base. The idea is to build and promote a personal brand via various media sources and channels.

A simple blog, social page, YouTube channel, or podcast can deliver useful information from a horse’s mouth keeping your followers aligned. As a result, you establish a strong presence as a trading entrepreneur with plenty of abilities to scale and grow.

2. Different Ways to Boost Your Income

IB trading is different from other conventional concepts of partnership. For example, eCommerce and retail affiliates generally earn a fixed commission per every sale, code, or action performed by referred users.

As an introducing broker, you can choose the format that suits you the most. This fact delivers enhanced revenue flexibility. Moreover, partners have a chance to grow their affiliated network. In simpler words, the more active traders you have in your community, the higher commissions you can get.

Referral marketing in trading offers plenty of profit opportunities and reward models. The most popular ones include:

  • Forex IB Commission. An effective model supposes a joint between a brokerage platform and an introducing broker. You are to provide support, learning materials expertise, and other useful resources while a broker ensures the best trading conditions with all needed software, indicators, and access to a variety of trading instruments.
  • Lead Gen Model. The model supposes traffic generation and delivery. In other words, you need to grow a community and direct it to the trading platform. A traditional model for this particular type of partnership usually involves CPM or CPC.
  • Marketing IB. MIB is more associated with social channels. The idea is to develop social pages and YouTube channels as well as use them to share referral links with subscribers.

No matter what model you choose, much of your success will depend on the information value and support you deliver via available channels.

3. Beyond-the-Commission Capabilities

As an IB trading partner, you can move far beyond only commission. Some of the best trading platforms offer enhanced instrumentation to build your online presence as well as increase your fans’ awareness. Potentially successful introducing brokers can count on financial support delivered via sponsorships to maintain workspaces, local teams, special meetings and events, etc.

4. Enhanced Flexibility for IBs

A Forex broker partnership program delivers amazing career and financial prospects. Of course, it will hardly be a walk in the park, as you still need specific skills and expertise. What’s more, a good following and a growing fan base are also very important.

On the other hand, you get more opportunities compared to traditional affiliate marketing models. Introducing brokers have an ultimate opportunity to tailor and deliver a personalized trading experience directly to the end user.

It is possible to apply different algorithms and communication structures. IBs are free to use any of the available traffic and communication channels. It is up to you to choose how you are going to attract new followers, just make sure you can deliver real value for your clients.

5. Hassle-Free Ways to generate Income

If you are looking for a cost-effective way to generate extra revenue, joining an IB trading platform seems like a great solution. As an introducing broker, you do not need to pay any fees. All you need is to deliver a sufficient number of potential traders. The model seems much simpler and more cost-effective compared to investing in marketing initiatives that do not guarantee a positive ROI.

Besides, having a trusted IB trading platform as a partner means you will have free access to promotional, advertising, and marketing tools. It means zero costs for establishing a strong online presence. IBs can focus on their main objective, which is to deliver assistance and share expertise with their followers. A trading platform will take care of the rest.

This material does not contain and should not be construed as containing investment advice, investment recommendations, an offer of or solicitation for any transactions in financial instruments. Before making any investment decisions, you should seek advice from independent financial advisors to ensure you understand the risks.