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Denis Sergienko • 2022-09-27

GBPUSD stays on bear’s radar unless crossing 1.1280

GBPUSD stays on bear’s radar unless crossing 1.1280

GBPUSD holds onto the rebound from an all-time low, marked the previous day, amid oversold RSI conditions. The recovery also crossed the previous record bottom printed in 1985. However, the 1.1000 round figure and a downside sloping support-turned-resistance line from May, around 1.1280 by the press time, restricts the Cable pair’s immediate rebound. Also acting as an upside filter is the year 2020 bottom surrounding 1.1420.

Alternatively, the GBPUSD pair’s fresh weakness needs acceptance from Monday’s opening levels of around 1.0800, as well as the year 1985 bottom close to 1.0520. In a case where the quote remains bearish past 1.0520, the 1.0500 threshold and the latest trough surrounding 1.0340 could lure the sellers. It’s worth noting, however, that the pair’s weakness past 1.0340 could make it vulnerable to testing the 1.0000 psychological magnet.

Overall, GBPUSD is likely to witness a corrective bounce but the buyers are far from retaking control.

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